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  Trail Pirates is being developed as an online forum for trail builders. We will be featuring instructional videos and trail building resources.  
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Killington VT     10.12.09



Kingdom Trails VT   8.28.09.


Diablo Freeride Park NJ    11.01.08


A trail (also track, byway) is a thoroughfare with a rough beaten or dirt/stone surface used for travel. Trails may be for use only by walkers and in some places are the main access route to remote settlements. Some trails can also be used hiking, mountain bike or cross-country skiing and less often for moving cattle herds and other livestock.


Piracy is a war-like act committed by private parties (not affiliated with any government) that engage in acts of robbery and/or criminal violence at sea.

The term can include acts committed in other major bodies of water or on a shore. It does not normally include crimes committed against persons travelling on the same vessel as the perpetrator (e.g. one passenger stealing from others on the same vessel). The term has been used to refer to raids across land borders by non-state agents.

Piracy should be distinguished from privateering, which was authorized by their national authorities and therefore a legitimate form of war-like activity by non-state actors. This form of commerce raiding was outlawed in the 19th century.

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